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History of Basketball in Uganda

In 1962 basketball was introduced to Uganda by the American Peace Corps and the East African teachers. Thereafter, the formation of (ABAU) in 1963 a year after gave momentum to the game in Uganda and now renamed Federation of Uganda Basketball Associations. First Basketball court in Uganda was built in 1950 at Kisubi
The first president of ABAU Mr. Pat Conway and Dick Kimball – General Secretary together with the other executive committee members like Yovan Ochola, Alphonse T. Okello and Mathew made possible the development of the game in many schools and institutions throughout Uganda.
The political instability and economic hardships in Uganda caused a general decline of the game in the country. The standards dropped quite rapidly during the latter part of 70’s and throughout the 80’s many schools abandoned the game as the coaches declined and the facilities dilapidated. Some clubs survived the turmoil and kept the game going even when the political climate was unfavorable. The Uganda prison, Ugandan commercial bank and Makerere university basketball clubs played friendly games, and tournaments were organized to mark important days such as independence. One of the oldest tournaments that was first organized in 1969 is Makerere university open basketball tournament which brought together several teams from schools and some institutes.
St. Henry’s Kitovu and these kept the game under cover but still alive. Basketball in schools was especially spear handed by the brothers of Christian instruction most notable of who was father Leo who did a lot of work for basketball in Kimaanya primary school, St Joseph’s primary school Nkoni, Kasasa SS, Bukalasa and Katigondo Seminaries, Mugwanya preparatory School, Kabojja and St. Savio, Kisubi
Early 1990’s saw some deliberate efforts to resurrect the game by the springing up of clubs like Rhino, Blue Jackets, Kyambogo. The Baptist Saints now power, and Uganda Germany cultural team. With the above interest a number of radical youths came up strongly to change the decaying face of basketball in Uganda. A new FUBA executive committee headed by Eng. Hillary Onek made a serious attempt at reviving the sport in the country. A schools programme was established which now boasts of schools from all over the region. A basketball league was then started in 1995 with six teams: Kyambogo, Blue Jackets, Black Power (now power), Rhino, Sky Jammers and Makerere University. The league has today experienced considerable growth and boasts of three divisions for men with forty teams one teams and two divisions for women with twenty-three teams.



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