Aggrey Mbonye
  1. The vice-President Finance shall generate revenues through sponsorship Improve budgeting process, supervise and monitor the financial management and ensure implementation of the policy and decisions of the Executive
  2. In case of permanent absence, resignation or indisposition of the officers mentioned in articles 22, 23 and 24, he shall function as President.
  3. The Vice-President Finance, shall have the following duties:
  4. To control the financial administration of FUBA.
  5. To supervise the incomes and expenses, and administer all FUBA finances. 
  6. He shall ensure the financial resources of FUBA including the receipt of annual fees from members as well as contributions, royalties, and dues, emoluments and fines are properly documented.
  7. He shall prepare the annual account together with the financial reports discussed by the Executive Committee of FUBA and shall present them to the AGM.
  8. He shall discuss, in cooperation with the Council for Finances and the Chief Executive Officer, the Budget for four years, 
  9. He shall establish a financial report and audited accounts to present to the AGM.
  10. In case of a permanent indisposition of the Vice-President Finance, he shall automatically be replaced by the Chair of the Commission for Finances until the next AGM or EOAGM.
  11. Generate revenue from participation fees, gate collections, and licensing e.t.c.
  12. The vice-President Finance is a member with full rights, including voting rights of Council for Finances