Federation of Uganda


Basketball Asociation

Federation Of Uganda Basketball Associations (FUBA)

An affiliate of the National Council of Sports (NCS) of Uganda, Uganda Olympic Committee (UOC) and the Federation of International Basketball (FIBA) In Uganda, FUBA has the mandate to manage and govern all basketball activities in the country.

We are Currently running Five (5) different Leagues which include; Men National Basketball League, Women National Basketball League, Division One Men’s League, Division One Women’s League and The Development League.


We aspire to the growth and development of basketball locally and at grass root level


Recognised as the best country in all aspects of Basketball in Africa, consistently participating in regional and International tournaments

Core Values

we are principled, focused and strategic in pursuing our vision.
We are innovative, Performance-driven and results oriented Team-we believe in the power of team work on the court, and in our communities and across the country.
We take pride in representing Uganda to the World.


At Fuba, we aim to archieve the following